IDLab – imec developed a testbed environment called “CloudNativeLab” that allows users to experiment with Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies without manually setting up any infrastructure. With a very simple process and only a few clicks, you can spin up your own Kubernetes cluster in the IDLab data center.

Key features:

  • Fully managed Kubernetes clusters for experimenting, learning how to operate Kubernetes, and deploying applications in a test environment.
  • Customizable number of nodes and machine size, to adapt to different use cases or match your resources.
  • Full admin access, to have full control of your cluster.
  • Personal VPN, for secure remote access to manage your cluster.

Not sure where to start? Follow our quick start or our step-by-step guide.

As intended for a sandbox environment, we use CloudNativeLab to provide a place where anyone can test and experiment. The same applies to us while maintaining and updating the system. Occasionally, some downtimes can be expected. We will try to bring the environment back online as soon as possible.

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