OpenCloudifications would like your opinion on current and future Open Technologies being used and/or considered. We started with a 1st assessment (check it here), to get the first insight into the level of maturity of our target audience/technology development companies, in order to better align our knowledge transfer activities to your needs. In this 2nd assessment, we’re deep-diving these open-source technologies that a company might already have in place (knowingly or not). We aim to better understand the hands-on, observation, security and other challenges that might be needed. We’ll drive you to improve your cloudification maturity and support you and your organisations.

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Open-Source Components – Maturity Assessment

Using Cloud Technologies means that probably you are using a lot of open-source components, sometimes without even knowing it (e.g., paid services can be an improved version of open-source software). This survey aims to help you list out the components that use open-source technologies and helps us better understand where these components are mostly used.

Percentage: 50 %