It is likely you’re already Cloudified, so nothing new as such, unless …

Getting finally started

If you have been building applications as a technology provider and you’re aiming to finally take the next steps to transform into the cloud, OpenCloudification is here to help you. Our team of research and non-profit experts will get you started, give you the necessary background and intelligence and will get you in touch with some experienced local partners.

Improving your current cloud operations

Did you consider using Open Cloud technologies? If you’re today using services offered by some of the large public cloud providers, you might consider challenges related to switching, lock-in or what would happen if some public cloud operators decide to turn down some of their services. Become resilient or even sovereign, but remain agile and independent using Open Cloud Technologies. OpenCloudification is here to help you get there.

Take a look into our activities and actions and Get Cloudified.

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