The OpenCloudification partnership will be offering the following Activities and Action to mainly companies in Flanders, Belgium. We will be specifically focusing on companies in the wide ICT-domain, CyberSecurity – CyberTech, IoT, industrial developments and factory digitization, FinTech, and other technology development companies already using or considering the use of Cloud technologies.

Activities :

  • Webinars, Inspirational Seminars, Conferences, Events promoting the use of Cloud Technologies and in particular Open Cloud
  • Development of the contents of the seminars, webinars with the aim to further distribute and share their contents
  • Dissemination of relevant and recent research, literature, experiments, development of knowledge sharing materials and translation of scientific materials
  • Development of contents to the specific target audiences
  • Development of documentation sets and supporting interactions with participants
  • Organising Workshops
    • best practices in cloud deployments,
    • edge challenges and opportunities,
    • IoT – edge – cloud dilemma’s
    • transforming from virtual machines and container deployments to ..
    • use of microservices and serverless,
    • cloud- en systeembronnen
  • Identification of relevant (Company specific) use cases
  • Support in development of Business Cases
  • Support in development of transformational plans
  • Development of tooling :
    • easying-up deployment of OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes, … (see list of technologies)
    • easying-up management and orchestration of OpenStack, OpenShift, Kubernetes, …
    • additional security tooling

OpenCloudification Asks

Which Open Cloud Technologies are you using or considering to use?