Open Source Identity and Access Management For Modern Applications and Services

Keycloak helps cloud applications to fundamentally relate to access restrictions, supporting with technologies how identities can be authorised.

Keycloak is an open-source identity and access management tool with a focus on modern applications such as single-page applications, mobile applications, and REST API.

Keycloak provides fully customizable login pages, recovery of passwords, accepting terms, and a lot more. All of these features provided by Keycloak can easily integrate your application without any coding at all. By delegating authentication of the user to Keycloak, you don’t worry about authentication mechanisms, safely store passwords, etc. You can enable two-factor authentication without having to make changes to the application. This also increases your application security because in this situation your application doesn’t have access to user credentials, it can only know tokens issued by Keycloak.

The project was started in 2014. It has since grown into a well-established open source project with a strong community behind that. It is used for small projects to large enterprises. Keycloak builds on industry standart protocols supporting OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect (OAuth 2.0 + Authentication Layer), and SAML 2.0.Keycloak uses its own user database. You can also integrate with existing user directories, such as Active Directory and LDAP servers. Keycloak is a lightweight and easy-to-install solution.

The following key concepts, functionalities and technologies can be expected :

  1. Single-Sign On
  2. Identity Brokering and Social Login
  3. User Federation
  4. Admin Console
  5. Account Management Console
  6. using standardized protocols

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