Prometheus is an open source automated monitoring and Alerting tool used for analyze the logs and send the alerts in case of any failure .

Prometheus helps us in that area where it scrapes the metrics data from the endpoint using query language(PromQL).

  • Can be configured with Grafana which is a data visualization tool used for analyze the metrics data .
  • Trigger the alters in case of any misconfiguration in our application .
  • Monitors :
    • Linux/windows server
    • Web server
    • Stateless application
    • Statefull application

A HTTP server which uses PromQL query language and then scrapes the metric data form worker nodes through a HTTP endpoint – hostaddress/metrics

 Dimensional data

Prometheus implements a highly dimensional data model. Time series are identified by a metric name and a set of key-value pairs.

 Powerful queries

PromQL allows slicing and dicing of collected time series data in order to generate ad-hoc graphs, tables, and alerts.

 Great visualization

Prometheus has multiple modes for visualizing data: a built-in expression browser, Grafana integration, and a console template language.

 Efficient storage

Prometheus stores time series in memory and on local disk in an efficient custom format. Scaling is achieved by functional sharding and federation.

 Simple operation

Each server is independent for reliability, relying only on local storage. Written in Go, all binaries are statically linked and easy to deploy.

 Precise alerting

Alerts are defined based on Prometheus’s flexible PromQL and maintain dimensional information. An alertmanager handles notifications and silencing.

 Many client libraries

Client libraries allow easy instrumentation of services. Over ten languages are supported already and custom libraries are easy to implement.

 Many integrations

Existing exporters allow bridging of third-party data into Prometheus. Examples: system statistics, as well as Docker, HAProxy, StatsD, and JMX metrics.

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