Docker makes development efficient and predictable

Docker simplifies the development process by providing consistency and predictability. Eliminates complex and repetitive tasks and efforts at all stages of development for fast, easy and portable application development on desktop and cloud platforms. Docker provides a complete platform that includes a user interface, a command-line interface, an API, and carefully integrated security features to facilitate the deployment of applications across the circle.


  • Increase coding efficiency and simplify the development of custom applications on Windows and Mac platforms with Docker images. Build multi-container apps with Docker Compose to simplify the process.
  • Seamlessly integrate Docker with your favorite development tools like VS Code, CircleCI, and GitHub to improve your development workflow at every stage.
  • Package your application as a container image that works consistently in any environment, whether it’s Kubernetes on-premises, AWS ECS, Azure ACI, Google GKE, or any other platform.
Docker build


  • Leverage Docker trust content, which includes Docker images and images from Docker-authored publishers available in the Docker Hub repository.
  • Support innovation by collaborating with the team and other developers and actively publishing images to Docker Hub.
  • Customise developer access to images with role-based access control and learn about the past activity with the Docker Hub audit log.


  • Easily deploy multiple applications in parallel across all environments, whether desktop or cloud-based, including design, testing, deployment and production.
  • Store your application independently in separate containers and in multiple languages ​​to reduce conflicts between languages, libraries, or processes.
  • Easily develop and enable processes with the Docker Compose command-line interface, which lets you deploy your application on-premises and in the cloud using AWS ECS and Azure ACI with a single command.

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