Four leading enterprise consumer organisations (Beltug and sister CIO associations Cigref (France), CIO Platform (Netherlands) and Voice (Germany)) have urged the EC commissioner for another cloud market. According to them :”The lack of EU-wide requirements and market offers creates a real risk of fragmentation of the European Digital Single Market. Our organisations therefore call for the following by mid-2024:

  1. Requirements for cloud services that need a high level of assurance, uniformly applied throughout the European Union
  2. All public administrations and providers of vital services required to use cloud services that have a high level of assurance, dedicated for their sensitive data
  3. A grace-period for compliance with the legal requirements for security, when no solutions with a high level of assurance are freely available on the market within the EU

These steps would:

  • benefit the integrity of the Digital Single Market
  • make available in the EU higher security levels for cloud technologies (Trusted Cloud), especially for processing sensitive data
  • clarify requirements for providers, so they can provide compliant, secure and affordable solutions in the whole of Europe
  • enable businesses and public organisations to be compliant with the law, including NIS2 and GDPR

This message needs many stakeholders to move towards the desired results. It has thus been sent to DG Connect, DG Trade, DG Grow and the Secretariat General of the European Commission. The 4 sister organisations are also publishing it on their websites. The letter can be downloaded from the BELTUG website.



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