Microsoft Azure made available ChatGPT in his Azure OpenAI Service

With a post on the Azure blog, Microsoft announced that ChatGPT is now available in preview in Azure OpenAI Service. GPT-3.5 will be included in the set of AI models available (Dall-E 2, Codex, etc.) to help customers innovate in new ways and in different scenarios with the power of Artificial Intelligence such as generating suggested email copy or helping with software programming questions. Developers will now be able to integrate custom AI-powered experiences directly into their applications.

The Azure OpenAI Service has become a popular choice among customers to apply advanced AI models, and introducing ChatGPT will probably increase this popularity. The post also highlights how organisations are already utilising Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT to achieve business value. Microsoft is also leveraging AI models in Azure OpenAI Service to introduce new experiences in its products, such as GitHub Copilot and Microsoft Teams Premium.

Microsoft also discusses how AI, specifically generative models like ChatGPT and DALL-E, can have a positive impact on productivity and creativity but also pose challenges in terms of trust and responsible use. Microsoft has implemented a set of mitigations at multiple levels, including customer-controlled application protections, technical input/output filtering, process and policy protections, and transparent documentation. Their commitment is to a principled approach to AI development to ensure that AI systems are used responsibly for the benefit of humanity.

AI solutions will become more and more popular and their adoption in the cloud will become a natural step forward. OpenCloudification will include this and other relevant topics during the development of the project.

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