NetApp released the “2023 Cloud Complexity Report” with a focus on the shifting demands of a multi-cloud environment.

Some of the key findings of the report:

98% of global tech executives report their business has been impacted by the increasing complexity of data across the cloud

Tech executives across the board consistently highlight a wide range of business consequences resulting from the growing intricacy of data within their cloud environments. These effects encompass various external difficulties such as cybersecurity concerns, as well as internal hindrances like scepticism from management and employees failing to fully leverage business applications.

Technical and organizational challenges stand in the way of multi-cloud environments

Top technical challenges: Data mobility between cloud, Security & addressing risks, Interoperability between cloud services

Top organizational challenges: Having a clear vision for a cloud strategy, right level of governance, managing costs.

Increased pressure and scepticism around cloud ROI

Tech executives are under pressure to demonstrate a return on investment (ROI) for the company’s cloud expenditure, whether through increased revenue or cost savings. Despite the cloud environments effectively addressing various business needs and priorities, tech executives often face scepticism from their Chief Financial Officer (CFO). This ongoing challenge of cost complexity will persist for tech executives in 2023 as they strive to manage and control expenses.

AI supporting cloud deployment trend continues to increase

By 2030, 59% of executives reported half or more cloud supported AI applications will be supported

To read the full report:



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