Modern applications are currently being built out of a wide collection of available technologies. Small and medium-sized information and communication (ICT)-companies are usually not completely familiar with this variety of technologies. Mostly depending on the availability of resources and background expertise, there is only limited knowledge of few of them. On top, it is pretty difficult when operating a company with its daily challenges to keep up with all of the latest developments or even keeping an existing operation stable with weekly or even daily sprints or changes. A knowledge transfer is needed to transfer this knowhow, at least partially available with research institutes, technology communities and experts. The OpenCloudification activities aim to support Flemish (technology) companies in developing modern cloud-based way of working. The consequence will be companies with a more cost-effective, more scaleable and more agile developments. Companies can discover new opportunitie, by for instance integrating serverless and / or edge-cloud orchestration; or just by discovering and adding additional complementary services to their current offerings.

Cloud components can be discovered in the following ways, depending on the ideas of development. They are also flexible, if engineered in such a way transfers have been considered from the design phase.

Private cloud

Hybrid cloud

Public cloud

Multi-cloud environment









OpenCloudification Asks

Which Open Cloud Technologies are you using or considering to use?